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Dipl. Ing. Zdenek Habara
telefón: 037 / 692 75 18

Mgr. Marcela Hainová
telefón: 037 / 692 75 56
mobil: +421 905 423 282



Our sales department offers you...



Complex delivery of variable packaging materials

  • Complex delivery of variable packaging materials

  • flexible packaging materials on BOPP, PE, PET, AL base

  • printed adhesive tapes

  • Carrier bags

  • Foils and Sachets for Coffee or Tea

printed adhesive tapes

Maximally printed with 3 colours, basic width is 48 mm, package 66 Meter. The basic colours are white, brown and transparent, other colour variations are possible but depend on stock capacity.

Carrier bags LDPE, HDPE


Foils and Sachets for Coffee or Tea...

In our offer you can find sachets with side fold, with folded bottom and standup sachets, best applicable for the packaging of piece goods, granulated or powdery foodstuff (roasted coffee, grounded coffee, granulated and instant drinks, cacao, spices and spice-mixes, teas, pet food, etc.)

vrecka na kavu caj

For the packaging of roasted coffee we offer you sachets with one-way ventil, that lets the gases from the roasting process out, but it also prevents the access of the oxygen and the coffee remains fresh and aromatic.

The sachets are produced in standard sizes for 250 g, 500 g and 1000 g of product in several types of material structure and colour. If there is interest, i tis also possible to print on a sachet your own graphic. A packaging like this can by printed maximally by 8 colour flexo.

Our advantage is also, that from the most of standard sachets we also have on stock,so they can be directly picked up (from 1000 pieces)

Sachets with adhesive tapes

We also have on stock sachets with adhesive tapes.

Don´t you have any artwork?

nemate grafiku

Our company also offers to our customers complex design services (preparing of creative project, technological processing of the project, prepress, design consultancy.

more about the graphic design you can read in the design section

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